Make a lasting investment in our future

  • Your planned gift will help us carry out our mission for many years ahead
  • Enjoy significant tax savings while providing for a cause that's meaningful to you
  • Among other plans, you can give a future gift through your estate or an immediate gift that returns income

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • Paul SummittPaul Summitt
    Paul Summitt, former resident of Searcy, Arkansas, and graduate of Harding College in 1961, honored his parents...

  • Paying It ForwardPaying It Forward
    Account balance: $80. Staring at their dwindling checking account, Jody and Louise Venkatesan found themselves financially...

  • Helping Students Seek TruthHelping Students Seek Truth
    When two Bible salesmen visited Huntington, W.Va., during the summer of 1949, they had no idea their efforts would come...

  • Seeking Divine Intervention in PhilanthropySeeking Divine Intervention in Philanthropy
    When Topper and Carole Long of Gallatin, Tenn., say their stewardship to Harding is led by God, it is not just a trite statement.

  • A Family TraditionA Family Tradition
    Family traditions - customs passed down from generation to generation - include special ways to celebrate and mark...

  • Investing in The FutureInvesting in The Future
    "Louie's Kids" could easily be the title of the latest television sitcom or a Saturday morning cartoon show for toddlers.

  • Roberta Cohea: A Legacy of GivingRoberta Cohea: A Legacy of Giving
    For Roberta Cohea, living life to the fullest meant living modestly so all she left behind could bless someone else.

  • Sacrifice Brings FulfillmentSacrifice Brings Fulfillment
    Dr. Dick Burt Understands these are tough economic times but, like many of his and previous generations, has witnessed worse...

Gift Examples

*Please note: The names and images below are representative of typical donors and may not be actual donors to Harding.

  • Leading for the Future
    Luke and Candice spent many years volunteering and supporting their favorite charity. They wanted to give back in a way that would help fulfill its mission.

  • Part Gift and Part Sale
    Susan and Kevin bought their first home many years ago. They had planned to build a second home so that their children could spend their summers along the lake.

  • Tax-Free Sale
    Howard and Lynn were age 55 when they purchased some land outside of town, and they thought it would be a good investment that they could later sell.

  • Current Gifts
    As is the case with many families, there are times each year when Jim and Sharon focus their attention on gift giving.

  • Sale and Unitrust
    Gene and Carol purchased stock in a small medical service company several years ago. Now, Gene and Carol are looking for a way to save taxes.

  • The Retirement Unitrust
    Mary grew up on a farm. When her parents passed away, she inherited the farm. Now, several developers would like to build homes on the farmland.

  • Give it Twice Trust
    While visiting the Wills Planner on her favorite charity's website, June, a surviving spouse, came across the idea of a Give it Twice Trust.

  • Providing for Our Children's Future
    Joe and Kathy worked for years building their nest egg for retirement. They also want to provide for their children.